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March 31, 2008


My name is lornsadaisy. I make lovely things. Usually photographs – I produce them, art direct them and find the locations they are set in. I live and work in Soho, central London.

I love watching movies – especially in bed, champagne, sake, an ice cold corona, smoking cigars, strawberries, ice cream, new shoes (espesh jimmy choos and Christian Louboutin) – they make me happy.

I love being in love, reading on a beach, hot days, giggling with my friends, cowboy hats, fairy lights, tacky lights (like the ones you get in indian restaurants…) electric blankets! (best sleep ever!) The fishermans hat my grandad bought me, my mothers ring, sleeping on long car journeys, popcorn, dancing, travelling, coming home after being away for ages, my bedlinen, my friends….I love dressing up and getting undressed!

I hate being late, but always am. I hate being lied to. I dislike imensely people that try to talk to me when I’m trying to sleep on long car journeys, the same applies to buses and trains (but not planes – who the hell gets a good sleep on a plane?) being cold, feeling sketchy, celery and tinned tuna.
Above all, I HATE not being able to go to sleep.

Early mornings, the cold and people with narrow minds make me cross.

If you somehow found this through means other than the link from my site, that is strange, but you can find it at

This blog is a collection of bits and bobs I am working on, plus some other things I like.

It helps because I have a tendency to be pretty slack about updating my site.

If you like what you see email me, lets be amigos.

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March 2, 2008
Lorna Gatherer Ford - Stills Producer

Lorna Gatherer Ford - Stills Producer