Goodbye Cow, Pirate, Cyclist

Love this little video to say goodbye to not to scale‘s advertising campaign for cravendale

The campaign was hugely successful, having run for 4 years, in fact the 2009 Milk Bar campaign delivered Cravendale’s strongest ROI ever. Brand value grew by 18.2% year on year as volume sales increases of 7% were recorded at retail. This compared with a 1.8% volume decline in milk sales as a whole. (as you can see here) so I’m not 100% why Cravendale are severing the relationship? The adverts were innovative and really stood out… perhaps they are hoping there may be a nationwide Facebook campaign to save the cow? Any which way, they will be missed!

Cravendale‘s new campaign: ‘Cats with Thumbs‘ will start on 28th of February 2011 – the idea freaks me out  a little but I’ll be interested to see what happens when this FMCG’s brand pulls the ‘cat out of the bag’!

update 2nd March 2011:
Here’s the update! Cats with thumbs!

What do you think?

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