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February 8, 2009

I am very honoured to be helping Robin Goodchild’s family put together a blog and later a website.

Please check it out;

This blog is to link all of you up as a central point of contact for news and information about Robin’s Memorial Trust and to share your fond memories and stories about the way he touched your lives, plus any ideas you may have and ways to contribute.

Contact details are on the website.

Robin Goodchild Memorial Trust

January 25, 2009

Robin Goodchild Memorial Trust

Statement from Robin’s family;
Dear Friends and Family of Robin Goodchild,

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your overwhelming support that has sustained us through the tragic loss of our son Robin Goodchild. The incredible number of messages, memories, anecdotes and expressions of love that have been mirrored back to us from those of you who knew Robin has been a revelation. His life and light truly touched a great number of souls. We believe that this shared grief and love can and should be translated into a tangible memory of Robin’s power for the good.

Accordingly, an inner group of friends and family have decided to establish a Robin Goodchild Memorial Trust (aka Robin’s Retreat) to raise funds with the ultimate aim of purchasing a building in a countryside setting to establish a place for young people to visit and escape the pressures of inner city life. Our short term aim would be to involve ourselves with existing charities and organizations working with young people suffering depression and stress. We have already sent an outline proposal to Bristol City Council for the use of a local building as a low-budget hostel for performing arts students. A choice of nurturing and reflective activities would be available, as Robin would have said,to enjoy the cool, calm countryside and find inner peace.

There are many amongst us who have the appropriate skills and vision to make this happen. We have already received practical offers of help, the most touching being a copy of a CD of Robin reading his early poetry, which a group of friends have decided to distribute to raise funds. There is a large corpus of his work which has yet to be seen and edited. Others are already taking practical steps to establish the financial structure to support our aims. Others are arranging fundraising events. We have already invited people to write their fondest/funniest memories of Robin and these are being collected and collated by his sister Rosanna.

If you are interested in joining with us with whatever you may have to offer then you can contact us initially through Robin Goodchild’s Facebook under the title Robin’s Trust of by contacting his sister, Rosie

In the near future we will publish full details of the aims and objectives of the Trust with its own website

robin goodchild

January 11, 2009

I found out a very good old friend passed away yesterday. I will miss you more than you could ever know. My silly, lovely, fantastic friend, rest in peace.

UPDATE: Jan 13th 2009
have noticed an extraordinary amount of hits coming to this post as people must be googling robin’s name and for some reason this blog comes up. If there is anyone who is not already in the loop – the funeral is going to be held on Friday 23rd or saturday 24th Janurary 2009 in Bristol – More details to follow (Contact His sister Rosie:

UPDATE: Jan 19th 2009 (again as this post is getting lot’s of hits at the moment I thought I’d add another update, just in case people are not yet in contact with Robin’s family) 

The funeral will be held on the 24th January 2009 in Bristol at 2pm – please contact his sister Rosie for more details and address etc (Rosie:

There will also be a  Celebration of Robin’s Life, all are welcome but again please contact Rosie for details (rather than me posting them here)

There also looks like there will be a THE ROBIN GOODCHILD MEMORIAL FUND – I will create a new post when I have more information.