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February 1, 2011

This is what happens when you have a new 7D and get drunk

a very silly (er) test

Star Republic shoot

April 19, 2009

a behind the scenes video made entirely from stills (stop frame animation) made at our most recent star republic photo shoot in Bristol.

(contains some partial nudity)

created by Daniel Wellby

Photographer: Paul Blundell
Art Direction/Production: Lornsadaisy (lorna gatherer ford)
Make up artist: Jay ‘pinxie’ Turnbull 
Styling: Lornsadaisy and Pinxie
Models: Sarah Longbottom and Yasmin Quinn-Wilson
Photographic Assistants: Alex Sibley and Daniel Wellby
Runners: David Muskett and Pablo Chaundy Brain
Clothing supplied by Katie Kins Boutique 

Special Thanks to Roger, Will, Yohanna and Iris the dog.


I will update this post with some other great photoshoot videos when I find them!

And also add the actual photos fromn the shoot when they have finished being retouched 🙂

To book a place at our next portfolio / portrait photoshoot in Bristol or enquire about a shoot in another part of the UK, please get in contact! We have dates coming up in Brighton, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Essex.

Director Stitches 45,000 Photographs Into a Music Video

April 2, 2009

Director Stitches 45,000 Photographs Into a Music Video

By Priya Ganapati from the WIRED BLOG
December 05, 2008 | 4:37:14 PMCategories: Cameras  

Cesarandpoppy_2Good video doesn’t always need a great video camera. A still camera, imagination and a lot of hours can also get you there.

Cesar Kuriyama, a New York animator and lighting technical director, has directed a visually arresting music video using an interesting technique.

Eschewing a video camera, he took 45,000 photographs with a Nikon D200 DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera and stitched them together to create the illusion of video.

The music video was created for the band Fat City Reprise and premiered at their homecoming concert in Philadelphia.

Kuriyama says he directed the talent in the video to move as best they could in slow-motion while he had his director of photography Tommy Agriodimas shoot JPG bursts with the Nikon D200. 

The duo were able to get about 60 images per burst at about four pictures per second. “Obviously we did many takes for each shot,” says Kuriyama. “Eventually one good take of them moving in slow motion would look great.”

After that the team re-worked the frames in post-production to move closer to 24 frames per second.

Including the time for conceptualizing and creating the story board, it took Kuriyama about 14 months to the video. He worked on it after-work hours every day.

The whole video cost just about $3000 to make, says Kuriyama, “plus the endless personal hours.”

The video also features an animated stuffed animal designed and created by a friend. Kuriyama rigged it with blue sticks coming out of its arms and legs and wore a black suit to hide him. Post-production tricks helped firm the illusion.

Much of the editing for the video, says Kuriyama, was done on his MacBook Pro in Final Cut Pro. He managed the photographs in iPhoto and did the effects in Eyeon Fusion.

Kuriyama’s efforts is an interesting way to circumvent the challenge that photographers face when it comes to creating high quality videos at low cost.

Compact digital cameras, which have had video-recording capabilities for years, offer disappointing image quality. High-end video and movie cameras are bulky and can be very expensive.

But the $2700 21-megapixel Canon 5D Mark II capable of 1080p HD video and the $1300 12-megapixelNikon D90, which can record 720p HD video could change the game.

The two cameras deliver very high quality video and still images and could help photographers move to a single camera for their needs.

Also see:
Nikon D40 DSLR Now Official

Photo: Cesar Kuriyama

stop motion me

March 2, 2009

stop motion test I filmed with Katie today.

Location: montpelier train station, bristol
Time taken: 50 mins
Equipment: Lumix DMC-FS5 (16:9, intelligent auto, vivid) and a tripod

stop motion test

March 2, 2009

stop motion test I made with Milad

Location: montpelier train station, bristol
Equipment: Lumix DMC-FS5 (16:9, intelligent auto, vivid) and a tripod

Singing in the rain shoot stop motion/ time lapse

November 20, 2008

A stop motion animation made from behind the scenes pics of a test shoot for the ideas bakery/pout! productions.

We took lot’s of pics of the shoot and stitched them together – the photography in this is by the talented David Mortley Green.

Photographer: Paul Blundell
Art Director/Production & Styling: Lornsadaisy (Lorna Gatherer Ford)
Make up & Hair: Pinxie (Jay Turnbull)
Assistants: David Mortley Green and Katie Marie Hood
MODELS: Annette Bette Kellow, Leah Hibbert, Alice ward

how to make stop motion

April 29, 2008

Found a really useful article here
which helped me to create my very first stop motion which you can see here .It’s really not great, particuarly as I used imovie rather than istopmotion so didn’t set the right number of frames per second…

There’s the most viewed stop motion animation on you tube here but i prefer the following as a great example;

There’s also another great stop motion that my friend paul blundell did here;

I love the fact it’s a trip away so tell’s a little story…

I will also add the nokia job i scouted for soon….