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Guinea Pigs

January 28, 2011

here’s a teaser trailer for a film I worked on:

The trailer has been out for a while but I’ve just spotted it – looking forward to seeing it!

Alexandra Burke Featuring Pitbull – All Night Long

April 27, 2010

Check out the last music video I worked on for Luti Media

Alexandra Burke’s video for new single ‘All Night Long’ featuring Pitbull premiered a couple of hours ago.
The music video, shot in Elstree (at a location supplied by Location Works)** shows a party at a fantastic house, 50 cameras were used to produce the content. The promo features a selection of competition winners, models, dancers, club kids and extras partying the night away.

Director: Rage (Dale Resteghini) *
DOP: Brandon Cox
Producer: Luti Fagbenle
Production Manager: Elliott Tagg
Art Director: Laura Johnstone
Location Manager: Lorna Gatherer Ford
Location Assistant: Thomas Poulsom

*Rage, who has won the MTV Best Video Award for “Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy” by Fall Out Boy and worked on around 140 music promos for artists ranging from Diddy to Gun N Roses, N Dubz to Anthrax is represented exclusively by Luti Media in the UK. It seems the director, Rage has just as many friends as enemies! Check out this petition to stop him from directing any more music videos (!); He has been quoted saying “Let the sleepers sleep and the haters hate!!!” What do you think of the video?

** shameless plus for my company!

Check out this behind the scenes pic taken by Thomas Poulsom

Alexandra Burke All Night Long

Alexandra Burke All Night Long

Alexandra Burke feat. Pitbull – “All Night Long” Lyrics:

I see everybody around but it feels like we’re in private
I know you want me so bad cause you just can’t seem to hide it
The lights are moving to the rhythm of the music,
When we’re together,
Everything just comes together, baby
So inspired by the movement,
We can lose it, I hope you’re ready

As long as I see the strobe lights,
I’m dacing all night long
When we’re together, baby,
I’m feeling all right,
You got me all night long
So tell the DJ play it all night long,
All night long, all night, night, night
So tell the DJ play it all night long,
All night long, all night, night night

So tell the DJ play it..
Tonight the admission is free,
Now we’re shutting the club down
We moving now to the streets,
All we got left is love now
Feel my troubles fading to the rhythm of your heart beat,
When we’re together,
Everything just comes together baby
Every motion calls your name,
Baby once you start me
And I hope you’re ready

So tell the DJ play it,
All my worries help me put the past behind
All around us this worlds in a hurry
While we stand still in time
Feels like we’re moving to the rhythm of the music,
When we’re together
Everything just comes together, baby
So inspired by the movement
We can’t lose it
And I hope you’re ready

So tell the DJ play it,
It’s only you and me together
And this feelings so strong,
Wish it could stay like this forever
All night long, all night long
Said all night long.

so sorry…

December 11, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posting recently! I’ve spent the last 6 months working on a TV program called Skins you can see a sneak peek of the show here:

you can see another trailer here but I prefer the link above!  :

I’m just about to set up my own company, hence the lack of posting, more details coming soon!

x x x


singing in the rain shoot

January 28, 2009

singing in the rain

my favourite pic from the shoot

Photographer: Paul Blundell
Art Director/Production & Styling: Lornsadaisy
Hair & Make up Artist: Jay Pinxie Turnbull
Model: Leah Hibbert


December 28, 2008

nokia campaign i worked on with merlin bronques


December 28, 2008

nokia campaign with merlin bronques


December 28, 2008

nokia job i worked on with merlin bronques.

about me

January 28, 2008
Lorna Gatherer Ford (aka Lornsadaisy) is a stills producer, art director, location scout, photographer and creative agent


My name is lornsadaisy. I make lovely things. Usually photographs – I produce them, art direct them and find the locations they are set in.

As I work with many talented photographers, illustrators, graphic designers and programers I am unofficially becoming a creative agent too. I live and work in Soho, central London.
This blog is a collection of bits and bobs I am working on, plus some other things I like.
If you like what you see email me, lets be amigos.

If you somehow found this through means other than the link from my site, that is strange, but you can find a little more of me and friends at (coming super soon)
lorna loves:
I love watching movies – especially in bed, champagne, sake, smoking cigars, tequila, strawberries, ice cream, new shoes (espesh Christian Louboutin’s, ooo for the flash of that red heel!) – they make me happy.

I love being in love, reading on a beach, hot days, giggling with my friends, cowboy hats, fairy lights, fairy cakes and cup cakes, tacky lights (like the ones you get in indian restaurants…) electric blankets! (best sleep ever!) The fishermans hat my grandad bought me, my mothers ring, sleeping on long car journeys, popcorn, dancing, travelling, coming home after being away for ages, my bedlinen, my friends….I love dressing up and getting undressed!

I hate being late, but always am. I hate being lied to. I dislike imensely people that try to talk to me when I’m trying to sleep on long car journeys, the same applies to buses and trains (but not planes – who the hell gets a good sleep on a plane?) being cold, feeling sketchy, celery and tinned tuna.
Above all, I HATE not being able to go to sleep.

Early mornings, the cold and people with narrow minds make me cross.

p.s Please check out my links to see my current set of projects, friends and family’s sites and random cool sites too

Other cool stuff you will find in this blog; cupcakes and fairy cakes, photography (usually digital), my personal photography school, viral marketing, movies, movie marketing, pin-up photography, top tunes and random things that make me smile)